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  • 3D Animation
What does putting your business online really mean? Which aspects of your business really makes sense to present on your website?
Going Online
Just like your regular business, to keep people coming back, you’ve got to refresh what you’re showing them. But how much effort does that take?
Fresh & Lively
What kind of things can you really do with your business online? Can you do more online than in your physical office, restaurant or store?
Online vs. Physical
Our customized forms capture critical data from your mobile app audience to drive their decisions and gather valuable market intelligence.
Forms Customized
Now with Location Based Directories, we can create store finder, restaurant locator, city guide app functions.
Maps Tailored
We can even develop you app to allow your restaurant to accept food orders directly from customer’s mobile phone & tablet.
Food Ordering
Visual Menu Editor to augment the core Joomla menu manager
Magazines That Come Alive
Create multiple columns with auto or individual custom widths
Promote As A Magazine
Insert inline positions and particles directly into the menu
Live Updates
Custom user interface to intuitively create and control complex content
Compositing Combine Sources
Choose from an extensive selection of distinct layouts and themes
Green Screen Go Anywhere
Advanced content selection filters and multiple content providers
Scene Augmentation Unreal Real Rooms
Built with the advanced dynamic stylesheet language SCSS (CSS)
Infographic Communications
Utilizing Twig a highly flexible and secure templating engine for PHP
Mixed Media
Template setup is powered by the human readable language YAML
Complex Simulation

For Business Clients

  • Web
  • Apps
  • eMagazines
Web Presence
More than a website, putting business online is the marrying of the business goals with the right online tools strategically arranged to maximize audience engagement.
Web development clients who commit to be engaged in the process and enjoy telling the story of why their solutions are amazing have the best web development experiences. Because you’re the true expert on your organization, you’re the best equipped to tell the story of why your solutions are exceptional.
Your Content
Web driven apps let you harness the power of social connectivity in ways that your audience already understands and makesi t more interesting and engaging to learn more about your company.
Build Anything
Native apps are developed in software languages native to the devices on which they run (Apple, Android, Windows ...). These apps offer the greatest design and function flexibility. Like web apps, they can be sold in app stores or delivered free to your customers.
It's Alive!
More than words and pictures, eMagazines far exceed the potential and abilities of their printed ancestors. Online, they have the familiar look and feel of printed mags, with a bonus ...
Addon Provider
When your messaging and value benefits from a deeper conversation - When the context of where you fit in your industry matters - When a periodic appearance can engage your audience long term - It's time for your eMagazine to launch for your audience..
  • Video Production
  • Messaging Media
  • Animation
Video for everywhere
On-Location, in studio or on the green screen, our video production experience gives you messaging leverage to make meaningful media for your website, mobile app, social media channels or for your eMagazine.
Media for Messaging
Messaging media let's you say more, more forcefully and in more ways. Your message net not just be spoken, it can be read and visually seen as well, to make it's delivery both cogent and indelible. It's a powerful part of telling your story.
When reality is not enough
Images from our minds are often best visualized by the means of 3D animation. This powerful storytelling medium lets us break the bonds and limits of the real word and say & do what's in our minds.
Find out the steps to putting your business online Read More
  • YAML-Driven Configuration +

    YAML is a human-readable data serialization, making it easy to create and configure blueprints for back-end configuration options.
  • Twig Templating +

    Gantry 5 utilizes Twig - a flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP - to make creating powerful, dynamic themes quick and easy.
  • Particles System +

    Gantry 5's Particles system makes it easy to create, configure, and manage content blocks on multiple levels.
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