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02 Why put your real-world business online?

Because expanding your access to customers through the borderless web redefines the scope of your market. 

Because business goals are set based on the combination of (a) a unique and valuable product or service, (b) access to a market who wants or needs it and

(c) the resources and means to transact this for a profit – redefining any of these fundamental elements has the impact of changing the realism with which goals can be set. 

If you promote your business to a local community of 3,000 people and you offer a product that is valued and bought by 50 people on average each month, then your goals for growth are logically tempered by the understanding that your market scale is relatively small. But if your business were online and able to be promoted to an audience of 30,000 people and if those people could be filtered from an even larger group by identifying that they are interested in products or services similar to what you offer, then there is very good cause for you to increase your goals to achieve greater success.   

Putting your business online is not magic. It’s still real business. The opportunities are greater for growth and the means to access customers around the world are more sophisticated, easy to use and can be very inspiring.

Putting your business online doesn’t mean ending your real-world, offline business. It means expanding your opportunities and potential to realize your dreams.

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