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04 Types of sites

The most common concept of a business website is something that shows what you have to offer and encourages people to buy. It is very important to understand that this does not define or describe the full potential of what it can mean to have a website for your business or organization. To give you a more complete sense of how Liquid Digital Studios can develop web solutions to improve your business,

here are a few website types to consider.

• Discussion Forum -  This type of website provides various areas for shared discussion on topics relevant to your business offerings and your customers. It can allow customers to share their experiences, help other customers and engage with your support staff. Because the discussions are threaded and persistent, new customers who join later can simply search the forum and find solutions to their issues on their own, reducing the cost and time required from your customer service department.


• Social Network – This type of site provides a space for great social interaction and is well suited for your customers and/or the public at larger to share experiences and ideas relevant to your products and services using photos and videos. They can form groups to really zoom in on niche topics and your business can create groups as well to dedicate focus on specific products, services, events or opportunities. And with special focus on events, in a social network site, you can add Events (notifications that allow members of the social network to commit to attend and even pay if required for attendance) to promote upcoming special activities such as new product releases, attendance to conferences, upcoming live streams where everyone in the social network can interact with you on camera live, contests & competitions and more creative uses.


• Web Portal – This type of site collects information (news, research, articles, videos …) from other sources online and presents them in an automated or curated display. Such sites can work in adjunct to a more traditional commercial website (or be wrapped inside of your main website) to give yet another reason for customers and potential customers to visit your site.


• Store – This type of site focuses on presenting and selling products. 


• Brochure – This type of site allows you to give very detailed information on products, including several images and video where helpful. The purpose is to inform on a deeper level than would be done in a store. Great attention to product specifications, design influences and real-world use are presented here.


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